Chiltern Counselling counselling service will close on 9th December 2016, as part of the winding down of the Chiltern Counselling (CPF) Charity that has served Chesham since the 1980s.

Current client?

Your counsellor will be talking with you about possible arrangements for after December 9th 2016.  Options include:

• bringing your work with your counsellor to a close by December 9th, or

• continuing in a new location, either with your current counsellor or a different counsellor.

Your counsellor will aim to put your needs first in discussing the options open to you.

New enquiry?

There is a new Chiltern Counsellors’ Network that includes two BACP accredited counsellors offering consultations at The Bagnall Centre, Waterside, Chesham, with access to a referral network of professionally qualified former Chiltern Counselling counsellors, now in private practice.

Please contact: Chiltern Counsellors Network Tel 01494 573015 email